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Weekly Quiz
11 November 2013

Which Spanish club are known as Los Rojiblancos?
Atletico Madrid.

Who played in England over three decades, starting with Preston North End in 1995 and ending with Coventry City in 2012, and collected 110 caps for the Republic of Ireland?
Kevin Kilbane.

The Race to Dubai is a season long golf competition spanning at least 46 tournaments in 25 countries, but on how many continents does this golf competition take place?

Which golfer recently said, “People are saying they can’t play four events in a row.  For goodness sake, I played 13 in a row when I was at my peak!”?
Colin Montgomerie.

What connects the following; a single by the Pogues, an Italian island resort and a unit of electrical current?
They’re all Ford cars; Fiesta, Capri and Ka.

Which tempo in music is slower - andante or adagio?

The following line is from which Duran Duran song; “Don’t say you’re easy on me, you’re about as easy as a nuclear war”?
Is There Something I Should Know?

Who was the first US artist to have seven consecutive number ones in the UK album chart?

In which film did Jamie Bell make his debut?
In the award winning ballet dancing British film Billy Elliot.

Which band wanted to make a Lord of the Rings movie, but JRR Tolkien wouldn’t let them?
The Beatles.

Which home nation extended their winless run against the southern hemisphere’s ‘big three’ to 17 matches when they lost their opening Autumn Test rugby match this weekend?

Which home nation qualified for the quarter-finals of the Rugby League World Cup for the first time ever this weekend?

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