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Weekly Quiz
18 November 2013

Which British manager has been in charge of Real Sociedad, Coventry and Greek club Larissa?
Chris Coleman.

What is the common connection between; Middlesbrough manager Aitor Karanka, West Brom manager Steve Clarke, Tottenham’s Andre Villas-Boas and Liverpool’s Brendan Rodgers?
They all learnt their managerial trade under Jose Mourinho.

At the weekend, Henrik Stenson became the first golfer to achieve which double?
He became the first man to win the Race to Dubai and the FedEx Cup in the same year.


As the PGA of America ponders plans to stage the US PGA Championship outside of the United States, which British course was mentioned as possible venue by PGA of America president Ted Bishop?
Harris Academy in London made headlines this year for banning pupils from using slang words such as innit, coz, ain’t, yeah and bare, but what does bare mean in London slang; that’s wrong, that’s right or very?


True or false, Russian cosmonauts recently carried the Olympic torch into space for the first time?

Pectoralz and Starfish are former names of which band; Blur, Coldplay, Oasis or Pulp?

True or false, the band Hanson, famous for their hit song Mmmbop, launched a beer brand called Mmmhops?

True or false, the actor who played Darth Vader in Star Wars was also the Green Cross Code man?

Which creature has appeared in 28 films by Toho Studios?

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